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Preparations are well advanced for Rex's first public performance since 2013, and his first in Hexham. Rex tells all:

"Having toyed with the idea of playing solo, I decided to form a band instead. I approached Mike Coleman, Managing Director of Core Music in Hexham, and he put me in touch with three local musicians, Dan Coggins, Shaun Grant and Dan Ward. All three were enthusiastic about the idea of working together, and we fixed the date of our performance, 23 June. Two months of rehearsals might not seem very much, but these guys are consummate musicians, very quick on the uptake. On 10 June, Julie Bartley of Rolling Audio made a live recording of our final rehearsal, which will be made available shortly."

The Royal We?

"I've had this phrase lined up as a possible a song title for a little while. It seems to suit what I'm doing at the moment."

The venue is very small, so places are strictly limited. To make reservations, contact Core Music in Hexham.

To whet the appetite, here's an updated demo version of Counting Down The Seconds.